Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Pet Peeves

I'm obviously bored. So here's a list of pet peeves. Please note that these are not in order of most to least annoying.

1. People maintain that you don't understand because your young... when really they're only a few years older than you..

2. People who dye there hair with the top black and underneath is blonde.

3. People who don't agree with you on internet forums and quickly announce that you are a troll.

4. Tabloids with attention drawn to "celebrity cellulite" or the opposite "she's shockingly thing!"

5. Getting stuck being a slow walker on the sidewalk.

6. Gett stuck in line at the grocery store behind someone who's being a jerk to the cashiere.

7. Men who maintain they know more about music.. you know, cause they have a penis.

8. People who shoot down you musical taste purely because of the genre.

9. How the Aloha Room (local bar) has all male DJ's .

10. Being gawked at by strangers on the street which makes me paranoid that there's something on my face.

11. People who ask me for change and then see me five minutes later and ask me again.

12. Office Politics.

13. People who make out in public areas... find a fucking room.

14. People who start making out together while you were having a conversation.

15. Lipstick lesbians.

16. People who's style changes as celebrity styles change.

17. People who read "People" magazine.

18. People who think that Avril Lavenge writes her own songs.

19. People I don't know try to add me on Facebook.

20. People who continuously poke me for no reason on Facebook.

21. People who are so socially awkward that they make me feel awkward.

22. People who lean up against me while I'm sitting at the bar.

23. People who get served at the bar before me, just because they're loud and obnoxious and have a penis.

24. Strangers who walk up to me on the street and lecture me about smoking.

25. People tip poorly.

26. People who complain about the food in restuarants and take it out on the waitress.

27. People who tip poorly because they don't like the food.

28. People who grab waitress' ass.

29. carpet.

30. People who sneeze without covering their mouth.

31. X boyfriends that you run into, who try to make you jealous by pointing out how their life is so much better than yours.

32. My ankles that always hurt.

To be continued...

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