Monday, August 13, 2007

Sex neccessary step to a socially adjusted teen

There's something to be said about "first time" stories. Actually any teenage- sex stories I've heard are usually ridiculously entertaining. The shit my friends and I went through as awkward teens experimenting. But without all those failed attempts, sticky situations and hesitant encounters we wouldn't be the stable, healthy young adults we are.... right??

which begs the question, do people who have sex in their teens become naturally more socially adjusted?

I would say yes. The first time I had intercourse i was 16.. no wait 17? uh? it was grade 12.. anyway, let's describe me as ignorant and socially awkward up until that point at least. I was also desperately trying to have sex all through high school to no avail since I was pretty much, undesirable and incapable of talking to the opposite sex for the most part... except for some of my gay male friends. At any rate, I did manager to hook up a couple times in high school but it took a lot of liquor to make me lose my verbal diarrhea. In the end I think I got a little action a couple parties but didn't have sex until mid grade 12.

At any rate, thank god! It was like suddenly I wasn't so horrible uncomfortable with myself. It was like, ok that's taken care of.. onto the next adventure.. Of course I ended up in 3 year relationship with the wrong person, but the rebound sex after that was super fun.

I can't help but think that if I had managed to lose it a little earlier in high school, I may not have been such a horrible socially awkward freak in my last years of high school. I was certainly a depressed and anxiety ridden teen. But hey, now I'm just an alcoholic.. which really isn't all the different.

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