Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Man Kills Wife, Kills Himself, it's like a big 'ol american trend.

So I was bugging wing-nuts on Dr. Helen's page again. They've got their chastity belts all in a knot over that about the Winkler case. It's a tough case! I wouldn't know what to convict her of either. Self defense? Could really can't tell from the evidence mentioned in the articles. They are all mad over there and think she got off light cause she is a women. But personally I think that's just silly. So I send them a list of men getting off light from the They promptly accuse me of being an idiot because those are Canadian listings. So I start googling for US listings and I was shocked!! The number of pop-ups I got weren't that men were getting off light, it was like a plague of men, murdering their wives, and families and then shooting or hanging themselves!

Here's the search I did first.
You can find even more if you narrow the search.

It hit me though, I wonder what this is all about? There are so many listings in the last couple years that it seems like common place. However, I have only found 2 articles where a man killed his wife and was then arrested. No sentence mentioned in the documents tho.

If anyone can find more info about US wife slayings I'd like to see. It just seems so shocking at the homicide then suicide rate over there...

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