Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Apparently now Low-cal sweet make kids obese

This study just sounds fishy to me... there talking about over-eating in relation to high and low calorie foods but they don't mention anything about the type of exercise they receive. Let's speculate for a moment and wondering what kind of environment these rats would be in.. tiny cages, possibly with other rats? possibly with no room to run around. I'm just speculating of course, but being in a cage sounds pretty damn boring.. and I know that when I'm bored, I tend to wander towards the fridge and get creative with some ingredients.. hence I like to eat when I'm bored. If you eating because food is put in front of you.. (which most scavenger animals do) and then don't get proper exercise, aren't you.. ahem, pardon me, going to gain weight!? The fact of the matter is the damn rats ate both the high and low calorie food pretty readily. Then there's this statement:
For one of the studies in their research paper, published Wednesday in the journal Obesity, four-week-old lab rats were conditioned over 16 days to associate certain sweet or salty flavours with low-calorie food.

Sorry what's this conditioning? The article doesn't specify and I don't get it... the damn animals over-ate both high and low cal right!? this is just stupid... what does this prove? That a scavenger animal over-ate food that was put in front of it... because oh I dunno.. years of evolution has passed down the instinct that it better stock up when it sees food cause you never know how long it'll be until you get to eat again!?! I'm confused.

All this worry about the calorie content of diet food, shouldn't we be more worried about the preservative crap and replacements that go into diet food?

Furthermore, isn't it more logical to conclude that we simply over-eat because most HUMANS agree that food tastes good? Certainly it must be more logical to conclude, that our western society and it's obsession with instant gratification might just be a leading cause of obesity?! Maybe that's it? Or our office jobs? Or our "you get more bang for your buck" restaurant industry?

I see what they're trying to say here... and the whole "I can eat more because there are less calories" excuse is probably the rationale of a lot of "dieters"... but seriously, as much as I despise diet products (mostly because of it's processed and artificial ingredients) I hardly think they are the cause of obesity. Everyone knows that dieting alone doesn't work and a healthy diet doesn't include a whole bunch of crappy diet products, like soda and low-cal cookies. So WTF?!

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